Friday, October 7, 2011

TARC Fall Classic Odds

Here we go again!! Like I've said in the past, I'm no magician, I just call 'em like I see 'em.

As this course is set-up with little elevation change,  run on 100% trails and from what I've heard, a fast 10k loop, the race should favor the speed burners.

3-2 Dan Larsen - I ran ahead of and with Dan for about 22 miles at the Wapack 50 this year. Matt Davenport and I were waiting for Dan to make his move, and he did so at the turn-around. We didn't see him again till mile 46 after the final 7 mile out and back section. This guy is a gazelle and recently had a 5th place finish at Vermont. Yikes!!!

3-1 Adam Wilcox - recently came in 8th at Wasatch, 9th at Massanutten and won the 100 Mile Wilderness Ultra in Maine. He also held the record for the pemi loop for a bit and won the inaugural TARC Spring Classic back in April. He excels in technical terrain and mountainous courses and is as consistent as they come when it comes to pacing. He ran the same pace at the spring classic for all 5 loops, I know because I volunteered there and was surprised at his pace and freshness on the 5th loop.

4-1 John Brown - don't let his age fool you (54). He has run a 7:51 50 mile at Pineland and a 7:59 50 mile at Stonecat. He has run numerous marathons and can still push the pace.

5-1 Justin Contois - has had success in the mountain races but this is fast track. May also be a challenge with a cracked rib he received in PE class (idiot!!!)

6-1 Greg Esbitt - ran a 24 100 at Vermont this year (22:56) and a 8:20 50 mile at Stonecat.

7-1 Blaise Aguirre - running on his home turf (Lexington) and has a 50 mile PR of 7:39 at Pineland

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