Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Post Race Reflections and Future Runs

Looking back at Saturday's TARC FAll Classic, I can't be upset. I ran hard for 4 laps and just didn't have enough steam in the end. Better pacing and more long runs at a tempo pace would work for the future.

In talking with the winner, Adam Wilcox, he mentioned to another runner that he thought the Maine 100 Mile Wilderness was tougher than both Wasatch (he finished 8th) and Massanutten (9th). I guess it was nice to know that the 100 I choose to do first was a ball buster and that most will be easier in a sense.

Looking to do some shorter faster stuff after the Ghost Train Ultra in two weeks. There are two trail races in Nashua, NH a 5k and a 5 miler in Novemeber and there is a 14 miler out in western, MA also in Nov.


  1. Just think if you do the Mt Toby one youre only 30 min from my school..... lets say you bring the bladder packs and i got the moon rockets

  2. Boy, once your twenty-one and out of diapers I'll then take you out for a drink.