Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sh*% Run Turned Good

Started off this morning solo on the lower wheeler trails. Have to admit it was tough getting out of bed and I debated with myself whether or not to run. I went to the GHS lax district semifinal game last night (loss in OT) and didn't get home till 9:30 and not into bed until an hour later. So basically, I was working on less than 5.5 hrs of sleep (this spells disaster for me).

The run simply sucked when I started. I was tired and slow and didn't want to run. My right shin hurt due to 1.5 hours of floor hockey yesterday (yes...I know, I have tough job) and my left heel was all torn up from my NB mt101's. I have run sock less in them 5 times now and it wasn't until the fifth time that it rubbed my left heel raw. Not sure why? Anyways, I ran the one mile stretch to Brigham Hill Rd gate, turned around and headed up into the woods towards the top of Brigham. I came out onto the road and then decided to explore the upper wheeler trails.

Haven't been to these trails in awhile and probably won't go back till the fall. Grass is way overgrown and many areas and the whole area is very swampy. So after I got through there I headed back down North Brigham and took a right on Brigham heading towards the water tower. I remembered a set of trails called the Williams Preserve (GLT) that I ran on during a local 5k and once after school last fall.

The Williams Preserve turned my run around. Theses trails were groomed to the max, soft underfoot and clear of rock and most roots. It made for easy running and I actually snapped out of my funk here and picked up the pace. Need to explore this area more next week.  Total run time was 6 miles in 1:01.

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