Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Solid Run

Driving to Hassanamesit Woods this morning, I noticed it wasn't raining (finally) and that the sun was already coming out (4:40ish?). Both made for great running conditions as the rain wasn't pelting off my face and I could see the trails sans headlamp within 10 minutes after starting the run.

This place is a unexplored gem for me. I've been there maybe 5 times now and only really stuck to a few trails and the power lines in previous runs. Jay and did some exploration and found some great single and double track that seamlessly went on forever. I actually feared at one point that we would not make it back to school on time.

The trails are marked by color, which seemed confusing at times, but I may just be because I'm not familiar with the trail system yet. Need more time here to make solid loop course (we hit many dead ends to developments and backyards). All in all a great morning run of 6.75 miles in an hour and four minutes.

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