Sunday, May 15, 2011

Run Down and Weekly

Took yesterday off but ran the holden rail trail and its surrounding single track this morning. Since Thursday, I've had sinus congestion and that "tough to swallow" feeling that we all love. I rarely get sick, but it seems with all these early mornings on the weekends due to racing (my usual sleep-in days)  it has finally caught up with me.

Run was 6 miles in just under an hour. Ran pretty hard at times and flowed really well with my new Technica Diablo's beneath me. This is only the second time I have worn them and it keeps getting better. When I was on the rail trail, I could actually feel the shoe giving me some type of "spring action" and propelling me in the forward direction. On trails, I rarely felt the roots and rocks underneath. I did however, roll my ankle pretty hard 20 minutes into the run. I thought I was done for. Not sure if it was the shoes (I'm higher off the ground than most shoes i own) or me not paying attention to the gaping hole i placed my foot in...

As far as the week goes, it was a down week for mileage (27.5)  and rightfully so. I raced hard the two previous weekends and my body is craving some rest and relaxation. I did core train all week but no strength training. Will get back at this week for sure. Did some exploring as well this week on some trails I've never been to.

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