Monday, May 9, 2011

Post Race Reflections and Thoughts

I thought of a few things post race and on Sunday. Just food for thought for my next race and down the road.

  • Pizza - my wife and I ordered out on Friday night, the night before the race. NEVER AGAIN! I believe in all things happening for a reason. Me doing the 43 instead of the 50 allowed me to be home somewhat earlier than expected. As I arrived back in Holden, my wife started complaining of stomach pains, then she continued to vomit for an hour straight. She ate the pizza for lunch. Could this be why I had stomach issues during the run? Possibly.  We then hit up the ER and did not get home till 1:30 am.  They said it was possible food poisoning. At least my wife had a sense of humor about it all.  She said being up all day and running 43 miles was good training for my upcoming 100 miler. Gotta love it.

  • Weight - I usually weigh myself pre-run/race. I was 161 on Saturday morning (ate a ton of garbage all week and loved it) and when I returned from the race I was 155.  I've run a few of these now and only seem to lose 3lbs at most. This was rarity and not sure why. I didn't consume any calories for about 2.5 hours at one stretch because I would have just thrown it up, but thats all I can come up with. I weighed myself again upon our return from the ER (didn't eat much after race due to projectile vomiting wife!) and hit 154.8.  I don't think I've been that low since my high school days.  Currently at 157lbs.

  • Ginger Ale -  I need to have this in my drop bags or with my crew at all times. I had a can of this and two cans of root beer post race and began to fell a lot better. I never drink soda so its was odd for me. Drinking carbonated beverages gives me the hiccups and I can never get rid of them (spoonful of peanut butter works for me but can be tough when 20 mile from civilization!).  I probably could have won some type of post race belching contest too.

  • One Year - the Wapack and Back Trail Race marks my first full year of racing. With seven ultras under my belt, I've learned quite a bit in just one year. Not to blow smoke but I have had some success finishing in the top ten five out of the seven races.  On paper this looks pretty good, but when you look deeper I was beaten by almost 2 hours at last years wapack, and an hour plus at both the fells and gac fat ass. This means if I want to compete up front in a competitive race I need to get faster. I'm thinking more long runs at tempo pace will help me. If I can hold a 8:30 mile for 31 miles (gac fat ass) then I need to train for at least 7:30/8 min mile for that same distance.

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  1. They sell these ginger chew candies on that are bomb for stomach pains. They gave me a sample pack of 10 at the NJ Ultra festival because they were sponsors. highly recommend them over ginger ale, and they taste really good too

    Agreed with you on the longer and faster runs. I'm the same way and if I want to beat my 50 time in November I know the way to do it is to go fast in training.