Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday Morning Blues and Weekly

Its still raining and now its cold. We can't win. Can some one tell me where the 60 degree weather with clear skies and no stinkin rain is? Because I want to move there.

Jay and I ran the Warren Brook Watershed and Miscoe Brook areas this morning. Run was about 5.5 miles in 54 minutes. I think the mileage could be off, we were cruising, but its just and average (probably on the low side).

Looking for another ultra to run this summer. Going to be up in NH almost every weekend with my family and parents which is will be good for training but no ultra's up there. May try this one though.  I hate roads and loop courses so I might as well do this one!  Besides the Grindstone in October, the loon mtn race and maybe wachusett mtn this weekend, I don't really have any races planned. It could be on a week to week basis for shorter local races on the weekends. Not sure about the MMD 50k in NH, as I have not heard from the RD and the 100 Mile Wilderness Fat Ass is looking like the same weekend I could be down on block island.

Check out this podcast of Geoff Roes

Weekly mileage was a shade under 50 miles (48.6) which was fine for me. I know if I want to be more successful in this ultra thing I need to up my mileage. Did core training 5 days last week and strength trained once.  Also been playing a lot of hoop lately during directed study at school. Its nice to know that after not picking up the ball in two years (due to my running addiction) I can still drain threes and show these young bucks how to play ball. Don't really have any mileage goals for this month, but I would like to start hitting 60 mile weeks on a regular basis.

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