Friday, April 29, 2011

Odds for Big A 50k

Did some research on to see who can run fast and far and came up with some odds. Never done this before but have seen it on other blogs. I'm not a betting man but here it goes:

1. Blaine Moore 2 to 1 - this guy runs a 3:51 50k and a 7:47 50 mile. By far the fastest guy in the field.

2. James Demer 3 to 1 - did three loops at barkely (wow!), won the haliburton 100 and finished vt, massanutten and hardrock 100

3. Justin Contois 5 to 1 - I want to run this as a training race (wapack is next weekend) but the competitve juices will be flowing.

4. Jeremy Bonnet 6 to 1 - 8:35 50 mile at pineland

5. Zak Weiluns 6 to 1 - 4:59 50k at pineland

6.  Joe Wrobleski 7 to 1 - 8:20 at JFK 50 mile

7. Jason Patch 7 to 1 - 8:52 50 mile at pineland and 27 races completed at 36 years old

8. Four Hewes 8 to 1 - 5:36 50k at pineland

I may have overlooked a few but those are all the people I found on ultrasignup. A newbie could come along and crush us all! Didn't check out the ladies...sorry. Should be a fun race on trails I've never run. Like I said, it would be nice to just run and not race but I know that won't be the case. Just hope a week is enough time for recovery before wapack.

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