Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Finally A Run

Yes, I got my butt out of bed this morning and ran in the woods...finally. Two days off felt like an eternity and my legs felt achy from not running. Pace was easy this morning on a the six mile run (1:01 total time). Ran the single track at rayburn and found some new trails (old carriage paths) that led to the fields on top of potter hill in grafton.

Landscaping today was absolutely brutal. My brother-in-law hates me and almost had me quitting before lunch time. We had a 900lb (no lie) stump we had to pull out of the ground and somehow get on the truck for removal. He told me this was the "cheap" and "hard" way to do it when I got to his house in the morning. I should have got in my car and drove home. After four hours of digging, prying, swinging the ax and swearing we finally got the thing to budge. We hooked it up to the truck and pulled it out. Next was lunch and me almost quitting. We returned and had to figure out how to get it on the truck. We got all the dirt out from the root ball, cut some of the bigger roots and simply deadlifted it into a wheel barrel. From there we moved it to the truck and somehow magically picked it up and threw it into the bed of the truck. A total body workout to say the least.

Looking to run tomorrow morning if I'm not paralyzed when I get up.


  1. Seems like you need to start squatting deadlifting and pressing heavy! haha

  2. That or start putting coupons for maxipads in your blog posts