Thursday, March 24, 2011

Who's an Idiot? I Am!

Slept in an hour which felt good. Went on a "primal walk" and picked twigs and berries for breakfast. I said to myself, that's all you need to do today for exercise. I got duped into playing floor hockey second and some of third block. I knew I shouldn't have played and wasn't really into it either. Tomorrow is total rest (will stick by my guns) and will try to sit as much as possible (tough as a PE teacher).

Glad the weather man was wrong about the forecast. We didn't get any snow. It must pay well to be wrong 90% of the time!

Been reading a cool blog lately by this dude named evan hone from CA. Check out his last two post here. The latest is about running equipment and the previous one is about running quotes. Funny stuff. I may have to add him to my blog list.


  1. I'm curious about the "primal walk". I've been doing a lot of reading and thinking about the theory of human origins as long-distance runners (not walkers), the "running man" theory which is rapidly gaining attention among evolutionary scientists. And I'm especially interested in how the qualities we humans developed, despite being slower than lions and other predators (the qualities of endurance, patience, and ability to envision what we have not yet reached) may be of value to us in the future. I explore these ideas in my website, and in a companion blog, I hope you and your readers will visit, and your comments--including anything about "primal walking"--would be welcome!

  2. Ed - I was somewhat joking with a fellow blogger about my "primal walk". I just went for a walk and rested my running muscles for my upcoming ultra. He often posts about his "primal walk" in his vff's and i was just trying to be funny with the twigs and berries thing. I'll check your blog out!