Wednesday, February 16, 2011


This morning, ben, brian, and myself took part in a fartlek like run on the roads of grafton. We did the barbara-jean route that jay and i usually hit when we are craving hills. Basically, we took turns sprinting for 5 seconds while the other two would have to increase the pace to match the surge. We did a one mile warm-up and then commenced the sprinting. Altogether, we probably sprinted 10-12 times in the 7.4 miles (1hr 6min). The sprinting mainly took place from mile two to four. At four we hit  barbara-jean and young legs began to tire (jk you guys did fine). It would have been nice to stay together as a pack for the entire route and continue the surges but today we seemed to spread too far after the big hill to continue the sprinting session. A better route with less hills may be required next time. All in all, a good experience for everyone. I don't sprint much except for team sports games in class (bball, floor hockey) so it was helpful. I hope the young bloods continue to rise in the early morning and join me for the runs.

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